Who We Are

 We are Porterie, a sleek, yet bold and empowering boutique providing quality pieces your closet is missing. Porterie is for the nomadic, free, & chic woman who has a distinctive take on fashion.
 Giving you the latest fashion, but for a good price and even better quality, our mission is to assure that all customers are satisfied and happy with what we present to them and believe in our products just as much as we do.
 Based in Houston, Texas, we present simplistic, yet staple pieces that inspire women to be all they can be and dress according to their imagination. Whether its on a runway or in a magazine, we want to inspire your chic sensibilities and bring that stylish vision to life.

 Porterie is derived from France and is the last name of Store Owner, Myosha Porterie. After working and managing for 7 years for household name fashion houses, she eventually started a small eBay store in which she sold vintage and fairly new items to customers all over. In February 2016, that is when she decided to follow her dreams and start something great, Porterie.